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Festivals in Argentina

Festivals in Argentina


Vendimia is an annual traditional affair that takes place in March. It is held in the wine capital of Argentina, Mendoza. The long harvest season provides tons of grapes and it is quite an experience to witness the journey of the grape from fruit to wine glasses. Local wine tours are held for tourists to taste the wines of the breweries in the area.

The festival had its inception in the 1930s and was quite a simple affair. But, now it has become a huge event where you can have good wine, eat great food and enjoy musical concerts.

Buenos Aires Tango Festival

Buenos Aires is considered as the premier location for Tango across the world. The Tango festival takes place each year in the month of August. Dancing duos from across the world come here to take part in the Tango festival. Professional as well as amateur dancers populate the scene to enthrall you with some great dance moves. l over the city.

For the uninitiated, there are Tango classes which are organised by the event producers. If that’s not enough, then perhaps the fact that it is a free two-week celebration will make you want to do the tango.

Buenos Aires International Film Festival

The Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente is an international film festival which promotes and celebrates the best of independent cinema. This has been a haven for storytellers with a distinct voice to show off their work to the people of the world. If you like new ideas, bold concepts and engaging storytelling, then this prestigious international festival is for you.